Soluzioni di Building Automation per Filiali Bancarie

Building Automation Banks

Duemmegi’s building automation enables a wide range of solutions for banks. These solutions can be implemented in open public areas, financial advisors offices, meeting rooms, and self-service environments, allowing for user comfort, cost optimization, and energy savings.

Building Automation for Banks: Comfort for Customers and Employees

Building automation systems automate the control of many key features and can provide an extremely comfortable environment while minimizing waste and optimizing energy use. This results in offices that are sustainable and pleasant to be in. The automation enabled by Duemmegi systems allows you to control and manage the following, even remotely using PC/Laptop, smartphones and tablets:

Lighting system

Air-conditioning system

Lighting scenarios

Fragrance diffusion

While the first two solutions refer to the proper functioning of office facilities, the last two are also a powerful marketing leverage that can improve the user experience and the brand reputation.

Soluzioni di Building Automation per l’illuminazione nelle Banche
Soluzioni di Building Automation per la termoregolazione nelle Banche

Improving Lighting and Air Conditioning in Every Space without Waste: this is possible with a building automation system

With the Duemmegi automation system specifically designed for banks, every space can be properly illuminated and air conditioned. You can program different lighting modes, depending on the specific use of each room. Power use is thus optimized, avoiding any waste. For example:

In the open area where tellers work, lighting can be adjusted according to the desired level throughout opening hours. During closing hours, a night lighting level (soft light) can be set to avoid leaving the facility completely in the dark.

In the offices lighting is provided by combined light and presence sensors. Therefore, it’s possible to adjust power according to both the presence of employees in the office and external brightness. After the rooms have been unoccupied for 5-10 minutes, the lights are automatically turned off. The automation system also ensures that the circadian cycle can be followed. Similarly, dedicated coworking and meeting rooms that have even more occasional use can be configured. This ensures the highest possible efficiency of power use.

In banks with self-service areas that are open 24/7, in order to reduce energy consumption, a minimum level of lighting is guaranteed and is intensified when a customer enters to perform self-service transactions. The lighting is reduced when the user exits. Thus, unnecessary waste is avoided and ensures and optimal lighting level at all times.

For temperature control, the automation system allows the correct temperature levels to be set without the need for manual intervention. When the branch is open, a temperature setpoint is maintained. When the building is closed, it enters in “economy mode“. The next working morning the system sets up fully automatically to heat or cool the room before the arrival of personnel.

Optimal User Experience through Lighting Scenarios and Fragrances

A definite benefit of building automation for banks is the ability to improve the user experience. It is a powerful marketing leverage available for banks, easily implemented with a building automation system, and also remotely controlled using a PC/Laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

Duemmegi offers solutions to enhance so-called visual and olfactory branding to improve the users and employees experience inside the office.

The visual and olfactory impact is something that should not be underestimated, as these are extremely important sensory detections which are also linked to purchase intent and process. The marketing sector has been studying their connection for years. Entering an environment with a pleasant smell, for example, immediately conveys a pleasurable feeling of well-being and puts the user in a positive mood. Using an automated fragrance diffuser in bank branches means emphasizing olfactory branding, that imparts a sense of order, cleanliness, elegance and… reliability.

A pleasant environment where attention to detail is perceived promotes relaxation and a positive, welcoming feeling for customers. Even for those still waiting to be served.