BMS Building Management System per Centri Commerciali

Building Automation for Malls

Duemmegi building automation enables the complete control of all systems in a Mall, as well as maximum flexibility in facility management. As a result, the building will be safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.

The BMS supervisory system allows you to monitor any installed equipment through a dedicated graphic interface accessible via PC and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. You can also integrate third-party equipment into the BMS, in addition to components manufactured by Duemmegi. This results in an all-in-one smart building at your fingertips.

Building Automation for Malls: Focus on Lighting

Optimizing and controlling the lighting system are paramount for a smart building. This is even more important when it comes to a shopping mall.

Specifically, a building automation system for shopping centers allows you to:

Adjust the lighting system by installing dimmable lighting sources using the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) BUS technology, which enables digital control of lighting. Since each lighting unit has its own specific address, you can create flexible, robust, and scalable lighting systems. A solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of a shopping center.

Program the lighting system with the preferred light type, color temperature, and so on. The entire system can be configured according to the time of use and the function being performed (for example, shopping gallery during operating hours, cleaning service only, or nighttime security service only). This solution boosts the smart building’s energy efficiency (“savings” function). The installation of presence/brightness sensors and a weather station on the roof of the building allows for the control of ambient brightness. The ability to control and adjust shades in order to eliminate any excessive light also provides energy savings.

Create special lighting effects with the DMX 512 (Digital MultipleX) communication protocol. You can create lighting effects, in cooperation with the mall’s marketing department, for an enhanced customer shopping experience.

Monitor the power supply distribution system. This includes regulating and balancing power and protecting the system and applications from both power surges and overvoltage that could damage the connected equipment.

Soluzioni di illuminazione per Centri Commerciali
Soluzioni per il controllo della temperatura nei Centri Commerciali

Building Automation for Malls: The Best Solution for Keeping Everything Under Control and Saving Money

Supervision of technical alarms and technological equipment such as power generators, UPS devices etc.

HVAC management. Duemmegi’s BMS system can interface with HVAC equipment, enabling parameter settings and proper operation control.

Control and management of anti-theft and video surveillance systems. Both can be integrated into the BMS.

Control and management of fire and smoke detection units. The system allows even inexperienced users to immediately report a fire outbreak or other anomalies, protecting the safety of customers and employees in the building.

Controlling access to the facility and to specific areas for authorized personnel only.

Monitoring of energy consumption in order to optimize lighting, water, and gas systems through a set of meters. The Duemmegi system uses its own meters for the electric network and third-party (integrated) meters for the water and gas distribution network.

Lamp control. Scheduled lamp maintenance provides the optimal level of lighting while saving unexpected service costs and optimizing the purchase of spare parts (so-called predictive maintenance).

Fuel level monitoring, a useful solution for shopping centers equipped with power generators and self-powered fire-fighting systems. Using dedicated level switches and/or gauges controlled directly by the BMS, the supervisory system is able to send warnings and push notifications to maintenance staff to ensure complete machine efficiency. Similarly, it’s possible to control storage tank levels for the fire-fighting system, allowing the reuse of water for other purposes and avoiding unnecessary excessive accumulation. Automating these procedures (required by law) makes it possible to immediately improve the efficiency and safety of the building.

Air quality control. Through the BMS and the use of dedicated sensors, you can implement an air-quality treatment and monitoring system for proper air-exchange control throughout the commercial area, offices, and any underground parking lots.

Building Automation for Malls: The Value of Optimization

Today even shopping malls have the option of using renewable sources such as photovoltaic or geothermal energy. However, without the ability to optimize it, these resources do not reach their full potential in terms of building efficiency, waste reduction, and energy savings. Building automation not only allows the optimization of these resources but also provides the ability to check the health status of alternative systems, usually installed in locations that are not easily accessible.

Choosing a building automation system for a shopping mall ensures:

The comfort of customers and employees, the beating heart of the business.

Consumption awareness in a large-scale facility.

Building safety.

Waste reduction.

The Duemmegi BUS system for building management and control provides for the optimization of a wide range of functions. For a shopping center this translates into:

Significant reduction in operating costs of up to 50% (according to data from EN 15232) for lighting and temperature control systems.

System scalability by easily adding additional features as new needs arise in the building.

Reduced installation and wiring costs.

A properly optimized, correctly configured, and remotely controlled smart building immediately ensures greater efficiency and safety.