BMS Building Management System per il Terziario

Building Automation for Tertiary

Building automation for the tertiary sector includes all automation processes specifically implemented for office buildings, high-rise buildings, and small, medium, and large non-residential buildings.

Comfort, Safety, Waste Reduction: All the Benefits of the Duemmegi Smart Building Automation Solution

In the service industry, building automation plays a key role in ensuring the comfort and safety of users, workers, and all stakeholders. It also helps to reduce waste through increased consumption awareness and decreased building operating costs. With Duemmegi’s building automation system, you have the ability to turn any building into a true smart building.

This solution allows you to:

Adjust artificial lighting. In non-residential buildings, this provides significant savings. Compared to a non-automated system, it’s possible to achieve electrical energy savings of up to 50% (estimated data based on EN 15232).

Adjust sunscreens (both indoor and outdoor) to allow the right amount of natural light in. This ensures greater visual comfort for people inside a building while reducing glare. In addition, the automatic solar-shading control system works in concert with the HVAC – the indoor climate control system – to avoid overheating due to excessive solar radiation. This results in energy savings on heating and air conditioning.

Optimize workstations thanks to the presence sensing system, which provides greater workstation comfort. The system controls a number of sensors that activate/deactivate the air-conditioning and lighting system for greater energy and economic savings. Since the occupancy inside offices may be sporadic or unpredictable, Duemmegi installs combined sensors capable of detecting both the brightness level of the environment and the possible presence of personnel. This ensures proper optimization of the workstation, which increases comfort and reduces waste at all time. The lighting management system offered by Duemmegi also allows the artificial light source to be adjusted according to the circadian cycle. This feature has known effects on improving the mood and work performance of people in the environment. It simulates natural light, so that the user is always exposed to the proper level of lighting (warm light and cold light) depending on the time of day.

Soluzioni di illuminazione per il terziario
Soluzioni per il controllo della temperatura per il Terziario

Control of Technological Systems and Energy Monitoring for Environmentally Friendly Buildings.

Two other key features that are perfectly managed by the Duemmegi building automation system are the technological equipment control and energy-monitoring capabilities. This creates a highly efficient building with a low environmental impact and reduced operating costs.

More specifically, users can:

Control multiple types of equipment such as UPSs, generators, CPSSs, AHUs, chillers, boilers, heat pumps, rooftops, transformers and electrical cabintes, water recirculation pumps, and monitoring of fuel levels , tank levels, and water storage tanks, etc. You can control all the systems in a facility – even remotely – using the BMS control dashboard .

Monitor power consumption. This is a very useful feature in high demand for office buildings and coworking environments because it allows energy consumption trends to be monitored easily and automatically. Constant monitoring of energy consumption trends lets energy managers to take action to optimize energy usage, which results in significant savings, for example, in shared spaces with high turnover. The consumption of electricity, thermal energy, gas, and water is tracked through special meters. By leveraging this data, you have the ability to automatically intervene, taking advantage of the Energy Manager‘s analysis to implement any possible corrective actions. The purpose of this functionality is to better control and manage the building, minimizing anomalies, waste, and costs while improving efficiency.

Building Automation: A Modular System That Perfectly Fits the Needs of Any Building

Building automation systems are electronic control systems that allow you to automate electrical systems, heating systems, solar shading, while also monitoring building power performance.

Duemmegi’s building automation system is scalable and can handle buildings of different sizes, from small businesses to high-rise office buildings. It is also fully customizable to satisfy customer needs.

A modular system provides two distinctive features: scalability and flexibility. This means not only the possibility of seamless integration into various building types, but also the potential of reconfiguration or deployment to suit different building life cycles and any future technological developments. In addition, the system integrates seamlessly with third-party products enabling the design of a truly smart building.