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Building Automation solutions for Hotels and B&Bs with remote reception

Building Automation Hotel and B&B

A building automation system for large hotel and accomodation facilities enables the management of any installed technology, resulting in considerable energy savings and improved guest comfort. All room services can be automated using sensors detecting the presence in each room to adjust internal temperature, lighting, the opening/closing of shutters, and much more. When a guest leaves a room, even for a short time, the automation system will switch to “Eco” mode. That means the lights, or the air-conditioning system will turn off automatically, for example when a guest leaves a window open before leaving, thus reducing any energy waste. All of these functions can also be applied to the common areas and the hotel reception lounge.

Another advantage is the added value that a hotel equipped with building automation offers customers. Comfortable rooms, reserved spa access, assigned parking, and presence sensors are all additional services provided in a simple and discreet way. They combine to create an extremely positive guest experience that makes guests want to return or recommend your facility to their friends. Today, customer experience can’t be underestimated. Whether you run a 5-star hotel or a bed-and-breakfast, it’s one of the factors by which competitiveness among facilities is measured.

Building Automation for Hotels. A Simple and Comprehensive Management System

For large-scale hotels, Duemmegi can provide comprehensive solutions that include not only room automation and the management of room services, but also the control of automation systems for:


Restaurants and bars

Common areas

Spas and swimming pools

If the hotel runs a congress center, regardless of its capacity, it’s possible to automate the management of room reservations for even more simplified, efficient, and professional use.

Duemmegi’s hotel automation offers a complete solution, which can be operated with proximity badges, combining both flexibility and aesthetics. You can create fully customizable applications to manage:

Temperature control systems (Duemmegi’s BMS can communicate with all types of equipment, from rooftops to VRFs and VRVs). The result will be optimal in terms of energy savings, as well as improving the comfort of each room.

Lighting systems, using lighting intensity and color adjustment and optimization, as well as system maintenance.

Automated diffusion of fragrances or aromatic essences, which can also be activated by presence sensors installed in every room.

Access control systems.

Solutions for opening the doors of hotels and B&Bs
Sistemi di Automazione per Hotel

Hotel Access Control: 3 Solutions for Maximum Flexibility of Choice

Choosing an access automation system is very important. It allows guests to move around the facility independently, It allows guests to move around the facility independently, and employees and suppliers can optimize their access time. Duemmegi’s building automation system offers three solutions for automated access management.

A classic badge system, which grants each guest access to the facility and their room, while enabling and controlling all room services (temperature control, VRF and VRV air-conditioning systems, lighting, electrical system, etc.). Guests can access their room and any additional services by simply swiping the appropriate badge across the reader in the facility.

A remote front-desk system, which will provide facility and room access and management without the need for an onsite physical front desk. Access is provided via smartphone, or a QR code. With a remote reception system, you can easily manage not only the check-in and check-out procedures of the guests, but also the entire booking process thanks to a dedicated management system called PMS (Property Management System). The PMS can also integrate booking engines and OTA (Online Travel Agencies) services

A simple access system with numeric keypad or QR code, which is ideal for smaller facilities such as B&Bs.

Building Automation for Hotels and B&Bs: Guaranteed Savings

Creating a smart hotel is a winning choice in many ways. We have mentioned comfort and user customization of spaces, guest experience (which is also a great marketing leverage), and optimized costs and energy management. Depending on the energy-efficiency rating of the facility, a building automation system for hotels allows you to save:

Up to 35% on power costs

Up to 48% on thermoregulation costs

Savings percentages are based on the EN 15232 standard, that defines the improvements of building automation initiatives for the energy performance of a building. In addition, the ability to generate energy reports for the facility’s energy manager enables further optimization of electrical and heating energy consumption.

There is no doubt that a renovation that includes the implementation of a building automation system is a winning choice, both in terms of space customization as well as energy savings and maintenance operations.